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It is in medium rise residential developments where the advantages of cross laminated timber as a core structural solution truly come into play. Cross laminated timber panels are available in a variety of sizes and are excellent for building entire structures, including walls and floors, at a rapid pace.

The benefits during construction are numerous - from reduced loading on foundations and infrastructure services, to impressive thermal, acoustic and airtightness performance over more traditional materials, but most importantly, a CLT construction solution provides cost and programme certainty. The lightweight nature of the material means foundations can be reduced delivering further costs savings, it is clean to use, with little onsite waste, and it is made from readily available, renewable softwood which contributes positively to BREEAM and Code ratings.  

The key is in the strength to weight ratio of the engineered timber – it has proven multi-storey capability, with residential buildings up to 10 storeys already constructed in the UK and a structural capacity beyond this.

Who should consider cross laminated timber as a structural solution for medium rise residential developments?

• Developers
• Planners
• Architects
• Main Contractors
• Structural Engineers
• Social Housing Stakeholders
- Local Authorities
- Housing Associations
- Registered Social Landlords
- Housing Charities

What can a CLT structure create?
Cross laminated timber is a proven, commercially viable option for housing development projects including:

• Multi Storey Developments - Medium to High Rise
• Mixed Use Schemes – Office/Retail/Residential
• Halls of Residence
• Residential Units
• Care Homes

Where to use CLT?
Cross laminated timber is a commercially viable option for residential projects of three to ten storeys

• Projects specifying high energy efficiency
• Urban sites within high density population areas
• Sites with limited access and restricted boundaries
• Brownfield and Greenfield sites

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