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With 50 highly experienced and dedicated experts in structural analysis, detailed solutions and building physics, consultancy, planning, CNC wood processing and logistics, the X-LAM Alliance‚Äôs award winning team provide an all-encompassing in-house design, drawing, manufacturing and installation services for cross laminated timber structures across all commercial sectors including:  


Medium Rise Residential

It is in medium rise residential developments where the advantages of cross laminated timber as a core structural solution truly come into play. Cross laminated timber panels are available in a variety of sizes and are excellent for building entire structures, including walls and floors, at a rapid pace.



Educational Buildings

Exposed CLT creates a natural, inviting and calming environment, it can also acoustic properties. When used in educational environments, cross laminated timber generates a peaceful space for effective teaching and delivers schools that are cost effective and adaptable for future adjustment.



Sports and Leisure

Cross laminated timber is being used as a positive means of enhancing leisure environments. The impact of internal materials on the comfort and wellbeing of end users is an area where more research is required but now strong anecdotal evidence is emerging , particularly about the role cross laminated timber can play in creating a comfortable internal environment, that genuinely 'feels good.' Cross laminated timber  can be used to great practical and visual effect for example, by building a fully enclosed CLT box offering good sound insulation and a robust surface - ideal for a sports hall. 




Take a look at some of our technical videos - showcasing our latest projects, innovations and timber systems.

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